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Applicant and Employee Background Screening

We utilize the highest industry standards in processing your background reports in order to deliver comprehensive, accurate reports quickly and inexpensively. Our commitment is “ Trust Delivered.”


  • Criminal Records

    County criminal record checks consist of searching for records at the superior, upper, lower, and municipal courts and are available...more»
  • Driving Records

    Driving records are available in all 50 states, Washington DC, Canada, Puerto Rico and Guam. Instant motor vehicle reports are available from all states except Alaska, Hawaii... more»
  • Identity Development

    This trace provides address history of the applicant in order to determine where to search for records and alias names used... more»
  • Pre-Employment Credit Reports

    Pre-employment credit reports are provided by one of the three nationwide credit bureaus. These reports offer insight ... more»
  • Drug Testing

    Protect your organization from workplace accidents and employee violence.... more»
  • Credentialing and Employment References

    Confirms an applicant’s academic credentials...more»