We insure compliance with all Federal and State laws and regulations regarding background screening and consumer reports.

Safe Hiring/Compliance webinar

Simple and easy to understand information for your HR staff on compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), state employment laws regarding background screening and the use of consumer reports.

Legal - Hiring, employment and consumer reports

(FCRA) - The Fair Credit Reporting Act is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission and promotes accuracy in consumer reports and is meant to ensure the privacy of the information in them.

No Need to Worry - FCRA compliance is built into our Background screening software.
FCRA required applicant/employee letters can be printed out or emailed from the background processing website.

Compliance - Types of Records

Criminal Records
* We report only legally reportable information.
* This generally includes convictions, warrants and pending cases.
* We verify all records directly with the courts to insure accuracy.

Driving Records
* We comply with all state specific regulations regarding access to Driving records.
*The following Motor Vehicle Departments require a state specific to be forms filled out in order to gain access to their records.

Pre-employment Credit Reports

If an applicant wants to dispute any information in their Pre-employment credit report they will be directed to the Credit Bureau which provided the report.

Drug Screening

* Positive results are reviewed by a Board Certified MRO

* Samples are handled in compliance with DOT regulations and guidelines

* Chain of custody procedures are followed for all samples

* Specimen samples are reviewed for signs of tampering and adulteration